Golds place photography

Passion for the Subject


Photography my second passion after being an entrepreneur managing my own business.

I'm always on the look out for great people and subjects to photograph so just contact me via this site.  On occasion I also take the camera into the venture capital business to capture the inspirational people at FinanceTree and Rivers Capital Partners.

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A small camera anyone?

Re-discovered country

Life long Learning

Well you learn something new everyday...

The photo and the VC

Two careers or a career and a hobby?

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My Albums
Northumerberland UK in the Summer of 2019
Behind the scenes shots of the Magazine
The restaurant in Corbridge, cocktails and great food. The Duckhouse
Michaela Reaney's business, Gradvert a great Team
People I meet around and in business, and with this lot have invested in through Rivers Capital, see our portfolio page
Campaign Manager for the "Jeremy4Mayor" in the North East of England
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