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Life long Learning

16/09/2012 - 16:36

Well I discovered that the software that runs behind this sit is brighter than I am, no surprise I guess. Managed to accidentally delete my previous blog entries. No great loss to the literary world.

I also learnt today that starting out taking portrait and wedding photography seriously is just like any other business, its not just down to how good you are but you also have to master the paperwork and have a great plan. Still, I have Laura to work with and I would post a link here to her wedding photo site but its down right now, will put one up when I have it, so hurry up Laura!

I should point out that we have only worked on one wedding together, I'm still learning but it was fun and it seems to me having a great partner is important in business. That's another thing I have learnt by the way and taking into my photography as I already have several great partners in my VC business at Rivers Capital. Think my mission statement for my photo business will be "Learn something new every day".

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