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A small camera anyone?

25/08/2013 - 14:22

Its not often I get a pleasant surprise from technology. Most of the time it never quite lives up to the billing or reviews. So with this in mind I feel I have to write in praise of the Fuji X-E1.


The first camera I ever had, beyond the Kodack instamatic was a Yashica rangfiner let to me by my Dad, 35mm film of course. Dad is now 90 so you can guess its a while ago. So I learnt about light and focussing from a light in weight but relatively, by todays standards, range-finder camera.


I did of course gradate to an SLR just before going to university in the 80's and I wont bore you with the rest. However it was not until I realised I wanted a smaller camera that didnt break my shoulder as the Canon 7D with lenses can that I bought the Fuji X-E1 about 5 months ago.


I'm not paid by Fuji so I wont review it again, a lot has been written, except to recommend it to any serious amateur who either wants to leave the kit bag behind sometime or just wants to re-discover taking pictures.


It handles so well an allows complete control of everything and yet is fast and easy to use, quiet and well almost small. I had forgot what you can do with just a camera in one hand and this is not just a camera. It has competitors and isnt but dare i say it I could almost ditch the Canon, well almost.

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